Saltwater Manic Mullet Jigheads


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We now offer jigheads with saltwater Mustad hooks. Bight Bait jigheads are sure to keep your catch hooked. These hooks are extremely sharp please use caution.

Sizes avaliable are 1/2oz 5/0, 3/8oz 4/0, 5/16oz 3/0, 1/4oz 2/0, 3/16oz 1/0. Ultra sharp and strong Mustad hooks.

  Pack of 3 Jigheads

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5/0 1/2oz Jigheads, 4/0 3/8oz Jigheads, 3/0 5/16oz Jigheads, 2/0 1/4oz Jigheads, 1/0 3/16oz Jigheads


Gold Eyes, Blue Eyes, Glow in the Dark, Silver Eyes, Red Eyes, Green Eyes


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